Investing In Your Continuous Professional Development With The Coatings Training Institute

As an owner of a business or an employee of a company in the coatings industry, you’ll be aware of the importance of continuous professional development due to the dynamism of the industry. The Coatings Training Institute has always been at the forefront of delivering the highest quality coatings training and we’re now bringing exciting new enhancements to your learning through our new website.


Updating Our Website To Enhance Your Continuous Professional Development

We’ve been delivering specialist training in coatings for over thirty years now, evolving from classroom-based learning to distance learning using audio tapes, and embracing digital technologies. The latest phase is a considerable investment in our new and improved website.

Though we’ve been online for some years, the clear objective with our latest website design is to make both the browsing process and the learning process as user-friendly as possible, to improve your success in your chosen continuous professional development. Whether that be study in Paint & Ink Application, Manufacture & Evaluation of Paints, Ink Technology & Formulation, or Epoxy, Acrylic & Water Reducible Resins.

Our online courses have the convenience of being accessible anytime, so you can fit your continuous professional development in around your work and home life, while our tutors are available to comprehensively support your learning and answer any queries through one-to-one calls.


Who Are Our Courses For?

If you are involved directly in coatings formulation and manufacturing, then our courses will be an essential part of your continuous professional development to help you perform your job to the highest standard.

Our courses are also of high relevance to absolutely anyone who is involved in the coatings industry, including production, laboratory and quality control staff, those who use coatings products, salespeople, customer service teams, and managers at all levels.


Why Choose The Coatings Training Institute?

Our training has pedigree, brought to you by the British Coatings Federation, the sole UK trade association that has been representing manufacturers of paints, printing inks, and wallcoverings for over 100 years.

Our teaching is also unique in that it is audited by the Royal Society of Chemistry. This thorough level of scrutiny means that we are able to deliver continuous professional development on coatings and their application that is accurate and based on scientific fact.


Contact Us

With our new website offering enhancements to your learning, now is the ideal time to take one of our courses as part of your continuing professional development. You can see our full range of courses here.

If you have any queries, you can call us on 02476 935390, or email us at enquiry@thecoatingsinstitute.com. We are located at: The Coatings Training Institute, C/O British Coatings Federation Ltd, Spectra House, Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry, CV4 8HS.

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