Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the course outside of the UK?

Our courses were developed in the UK but, thanks to distance learning facilities, you can study with us wherever you are based. Every student has an allocated CTI tutor with whom they can communicate by email at any time of day.

How do I register for modules to begin the course?

After selecting and purchasing your chosen modules, our team will contact you with your registration and login details. You can then use this to access the study portal and start learning.

How do online exams work?

Every module concludes with a sit-down written exam, invigilated by your workplace mentor. You will have 10 minutes of reading time followed by 30 minutes of exam, before the tutor scans the document and emails it to your CTI tutor. They will then mark your exam and report the results through the CTI portal.

How long do modules take to complete?

You can read through each module in between 30 and 90 minutes. Completing the work and answering the set questions takes approximately 8-10 hours per module, although we recommend you conduct independent research.

You can use the course as a guide for research into industry developments, while information published by raw material suppliers will give you a good background for your progress in the industry.

How much do our modules cost?

Our modules are priced competitively, with special discounts for eligible BCF members.

They cost between £305-£415 for BCF members and £415-£575 for non-members, with our module 200 rate priced at £275 for members and £375 for non-members.

If you’re not a member of the British Coatings Federation (BCF) but think you might be eligible, please visit their website at coatings.org.uk.

We have 57 modules of extensive content, which become more expensive as they start to teach higher skills. For example, our Level 4 and 5 courses cost more, as they offer more specialised content.

These prices include examination and an industry expert tutor to support students in all modules.

Who are our modules suitable for?

Our modules are suitable for people at all levels of the coatings industry, from new graduates in entry-level roles to experienced professionals looking to specialise.

Technical and non-technical roles can benefit from our training courses. A sales assistant might use a course to build on their product knowledge, while a lab technician might study our modules in order to specialise in a particular field.