Employee Training In Paint And Coatings

When it comes to employee training, some people think like this:

If they’ve read the job advert and passed the interview, your new starter should have all the requisite skills. If they’re brand-new to this kind of work, then every day in the lab or on the floor will be a learning experience. What’s the use in investing in extra training?

Where’s The Value?

If you’re looking into training, you probably realise its value. We can affirm your decision to invest in your staff and offer some industry-specific solutions!

Everybody makes mistakes, whether they’re learning on the job or are a longstanding team member. Minimising errors is crucial, especially in an industry like paint and coatings.

Employee training mitigates mistakes, especially when the training has a practical element. If mistakes are made, they’re more quickly recognised, resulting in less waste and more consistent outputs. In manufacturing or lab work, this can make all the difference.

It’s easy to focus on those with hands-on tasks. However, a well-trained sales assistant with technical know-how can provide advice directly to the customer when paint starts blistering or the colour looks wrong. They can also communicate with other departments, helping the company to run with maximum efficiency.

Instead of costing you money, training increases your profit and boosts your reputation. Employees feel valued and appreciated, sensing that they have a future in your company. Retention will increase and your team will pay you back – two-thirds of staff work harder after learning new skills.

Employee Training You Can Trust

Paint and coatings is highly technical, covering a vast range of topics. Few employers have time to inspect every course for accuracy, so you need a supplier you can trust.

Our courses are brought to you by the British Coatings Federation, the trade association for paint, coatings, printing inks and wallcoverings. They’ve been in the business for 100 years, representing 95% of UK sales for the coatings industry. You can trust their employee training programmes, which have been in use for the past 30 years.

These courses take a mix and match approach, with 57 content-rich modules available to choose from. They cover all levels, from a foundation level for an entry role to advanced modules for someone looking to specialise. For 70% of employees, training was a deciding factor in leaving or staying with a company, so the opportunity to specialise is another feather in your company’s cap!

How It Works

Our employee training operates via a study portal, which recently went live with our brand-new website.

This portal has a page for each student, containing 8-10 hours’ worth of downloadable content for each module. Students study this material, supplemented by independent research and aided by a Coatings Training Institute tutor, available for one-to-one support throughout the learning process.

They’ll also have a workplace mentor, who supports the student and acts as the invigilator during in-person exams. These will be marked by the tutor and the results sent across via the study portal.

Money Matters

You can take any number of modules from the Coatings Training Institute, but a block of six modules comes with a 10% discount and the International Certificate In Coatings Technology. A completed course can also be used as evidence for acquiring Chartered Chemist status, a major asset in pursuing a chemistry career.

The 10% discount is compounded by a special discount for BCF members. Our courses cost between £415-£575 for non-members, but £305-£415 with a BCF discount. If you’re not a member of the BCF but think you might be eligible, make sure to visit their website!

Finally, employee training is an excellent way to kickstart someone’s career, especially if they’re an apprentice. CTI courses count towards apprenticeship coursework, with all costs covered by an apprenticeship levy. It’s certainly worth exploring for your trainees.

Explore Our Courses

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