Reasons To Encourage Learning At Work

Thousands of people are going ‘back to school’ for Learning At Work Week!

This year’s theme is to ‘Create the Future’, speaking to a new generation of passionate and innovative employees. It’s also apt for employers and experienced managers; learning paves the way for better, faster processes, helping businesses embrace an exciting new phase in their journey.


Learning At Work Week

Every year, organisations double down on their commitment to workplace learning. From 15th-21st May, they download resources and adopt creative campaigns from Campaign for Learning, working to build a culture of learning and development.

Companies also try out new initiatives, from industry conferences to volunteering. However, most places devote themselves to rebranding or refreshing their existing development schemes, launching new strategies and stirring up interest. If you’re not sure how to promote learning at work, now is the time to learn how to do it!


Why We Value Employee Learning

We’re not the only advocates of learning at work. A 2019 study was shocked to find that 30% of companies provide no development training, despite the documented benefits for both the employee and the company.


From an employee perspective, this is a chance to perfect your skills and produce consistent and high-quality work. Once your performance has reached a level of excellence, you can upskill and specialise, ready for a career in a company that invests in you.


Sam Gumbley, our 2022 Student of the Year, was straight out of school when he started our training course, which took him from Laboratory Assistant to Laboratory Technician, starting him off on a bright career path at Belzona. More experienced workers studied our modules in order to pursue a particular interest, opening the door to a potential new field.


Learning at work is also crucial for employers. Not only do your employees perform better after workplace investment, this is also a chance to nurture their enthusiasm for the industry as you’re giving them a reason to work hard of their own accord. So much the better if you can also give them some form of certification, which will build their confidence and encourage their dedication to the industry!


Rock-Solid Teaching

The Coatings Training Institute offers specific industry training for those working in paint, coatings and printing inks. You can be assured that the content is accurate and relevant, brought to you by the British Coatings Federation and approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Anyone in the industry can complete our modules, from technicians to managers. They can access all of our 57 modules, from foundational to advanced, choosing the topics that interest them the most. They might learn about pigment dispersion, testing solvents, inkjet or powder coatings, before receiving our International Certificate in Coatings Technology.


You might already be planning a learning at work initiative. It’s essential if you have apprentices as each one has a required coursework element. If you work in paint, coatings, inks or wallcoverings, you might consider using CTI courses as part of your apprentice training.


BCF has an agreement with Tiro, a training provider that specialises in science and technology apprenticeships. Their level 3 apprenticeships for a Laboratory Technician and Science Manufacturing Technician uses six of our modules for the knowledge element, for which Tiro will give funding. Together, we prepare new apprentices for an exciting career path, educating them at no extra cost to you.


Browse Our Modules

Learning At Work Week is an excellent time to explore our courses. Our special offer gives you 10% off any modules purchased in May, applied when you use the code MAY10 at checkout. This rises to 20% when you buy six or more modules in May, which is also the number of modules needed to achieve our International Certificate.


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