Our Powder Coating Training Course

The powder coating sector is constantly growing. These finishes are in demand from India to Brazil, so whether you’re new to the coatings industry or looking to take your career in a different direction, powder coatings are well worth your attention.

The Coatings Training Institute offers a flexible online courses to get to grips with the specifics, as well as study the general principles of the industry. It can be undertaken by anybody anywhere in the world looking to build their knowledge of coatings, fitted around the demands of their workplace.

A Bit Of Background

Powder coating is a mixture of polymers, pigments and additives, but comes in a dry powder form instead of a liquid paint. It’s most commonly applied to the object with a spray gun, which imports an electrical charge that fuses the particles to the surface. After that, it’s baked in a curing oven where it melts, flows and forms a tough, coherent film that lacks the drips, runs and inconsistencies of traditional paint.

It’s popularity is partly due to its satisfying aesthetic appeal, but it is also immensely practical. For instance, the curing produces strong chemical bonds, making the finish flexible and extremely durable. The substance is resistant to corrosion, flaking and scratching, while the process produces no toxic chemicals or solvents. For an industry looking to cut its waste and carbon footprint, powder coating is invaluable.

Powder finishes are often used in industrial applications as well as architecture, automotive components, packaging, furniture and domestic appliances. However, with demand increasing across the world, there are calls for them to be used in IT, consumer goods, telecommunications and retail. When we talk about the changing nature of the paint and coatings industry, powder coatings are a considerable factor!

Foundation Modules

Powder coating provides over 15,000 jobs just in the UK, from paint technicians to material scientists. Whether you’re interested in starting in this industry or are managing a group of new trainees, our Level 2 Foundation modules aim to give the comprehensive grounding newcomers might need.

These modules include a Powder Coatings Overview, introducing basic properties, stages of development, production methods and application techniques, not to mention the all-important question of particle size.

Powder Coating Application and Cure goes into more depth, introducing thermoplastic and thermosetting powders. The former is the foundation on which powder coating was built, and which can be melted and resolidified. Thermosetting, on the other hand, will retain form and stay solid even when put under heat. The module discusses their applications, market areas, electrostatic spraying, the fluid bed method and the equipment used.

Specialising In Powder Coating

Perhaps you’re looking to expand upon an already existing base of knowledge, in which case our intermediate and advanced modules are for you.

Our course covers all stages of the process, with our Level 3 Manufacture – Powder Coatings module exploring manufacturing, the raw materials used, dispersion and incorporation of pigments. There is also an Evaluation module, discussing methods of scrutiny and test procedures, in addition to modules in the Theory of Application, Application Equipment, The Curing of Coatings and in the associated Safety, Health and Environmental Aspects.

To really dig deep into scientific concepts, you can explore our Level 5 most advanced modules. These require an A Level or equivalent in Physics and Chemistry, paving the way for impressively specialised knowledge. These flexible and advanced modules are a valuable thing to have under your belt, especially if you want to step up the ladder or find your coatings niche.

Beginning Your Training

The Coatings Training Institute was designed by the British Coatings Federation so that you could pick and choose the modules of most interest and relevance to you, whether that be powder coating or otherwise. Students pick four modules from their level and then choose two supplementary modules from any other stage, allowing them to custom-build their studies.

Upon completion of six modules, you will be awarded the International Certificate in Coatings Technology, a globally recognised, industry-specific certification.

You can start your training as soon as you buy a module, as you will be sent all the information you need to access your study portal and training materials. Now is an excellent time to begin, as you can enjoy 10% off until the end of June. Use the code JUNE10 at checkout to apply substantial savings.

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