Interviewing The BCF Awards 2023 Student Of The Year, Courtney Turner

Every year, the British Coatings Federation (BCF) brings together the brightest minds and talents in the paint and coatings industry to celebrate excellence and innovation. The BCF Awards 2023 was no exception, and it shone a spotlight on outstanding individuals and their contributions to our industry.

One such standout was Courtney Turner, who earned the prestigious title of Student of the Year, beating the rest of the all-female line-up of nominees. We had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Courtney and exploring her remarkable journey at The Coatings Training Institute (CTI) and what led to her nomination. Her insights offer a glimpse into the world of paint and coatings education and the incredible opportunities it presents.

Courtney’s Thoughts

What do you think are the key moments in your CTI journey that led to your BCF Awards 2023 nomination?
I truly believe that throughout my time with CTI, I have been able to push myself to progress with each assignment. I failed the first exam I completed, and initially, I was disheartened – I had known that I could’ve worked better. So, I pushed myself and revised more so when I completed it the second time I did even better than I could’ve hoped. For me, that moment showed me that with dedication I can accomplish great things.

Your tutor nominated you for the BCF Awards 2023. How did that feel and what do you think they admired most in your work?
I am lucky to have such a helpful and compassionate tutor. Honestly, I wouldn’t know what they believed to be the most admirable in my work. I just hope that my continuous improvement and resilience to get the work done to the highest possible standard was something that shone through with each submission.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned during your coatings studies and how has it impacted you?
Being a new starter in the coatings industry, when I began my course, I know that these studies have impacted me in the most positive way. I have eagerly learned so much and this course (and the abundance of knowledge gained) helped me progress in my industry and I am eternally grateful. The most important thing I have learned is to never underestimate paint!

What advice would you give to current and future CTI students aiming to excel in the paint and coatings industry?
Don’t give yourself too much pressure and expectations. Take your time with your work and enjoy the learning process. Learning should be enjoyable and the greatest way to succeed is to have fun while doing it.

What’s next for you and your career after the BCF Awards 2023, and would you recommend The Coatings Training Institute for those wishing to forge their own career in paint and coatings?
I have recently started a new position as a quality control technician and, with a few more years under my belt and more knowledge through the completion of my course, I hope to aim big. One day I might even lead quality! I would definitely recommend people to live in the moment – if you want to succeed in the coatings industry you have to prepare to get messy!

Inspired By Our BCF Awards 2023 Student Of The Year?

At CTI, we celebrate students like Courtney, BCF Awards 2023 Student of the Year and strive to provide comprehensive and innovative courses to guide the next generation of coatings professionals. Courtney’s journey reflects the transformative power of education in the coatings industry. If you’re considering a career in coatings, CTI is the path to unlocking your potential. We’d like to congratulate Courtney one last time, we’re so proud of her and all of this year’s nominees!

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