Our Most Popular Modules For Online Study In USA

Stepping into the world of paint and coatings, whether for personal curiosity or professional development, is an enriching endeavour. At the Coatings Training Institute (CTI), our collection of modules offers a diverse palette of insights into this fascinating industry. For students considering online study in USA, let’s delve into some of our most popular modules, which serve as a foundational platform for understanding coatings and their applications.

Foundations In Paint And Coatings

The Level 2 modules at CTI form the basis for a comprehensive understanding of paint and coatings. At this foundational level, no formal qualifications are necessary for online study in USA, making it an ideal starting point for beginners or those seeking a refresher. However, a basic grasp of chemistry and physics will be advantageous. Here are our six most popular modules:

200 – Coatings for Life – An Introduction
This module is the ideal introduction, offering an initial insight into the industry and its pervasive role in our daily lives. It sets the stage for deeper exploration, introducing the significance of coatings across various industries.

201 – General Overview of Coatings
Understanding the diverse range of coatings, their classifications, and applications is pivotal. Module 201 provides a detailed view of the coatings world, giving students a comprehensive overview.

202 – Media and Solvents
The comprehension of solvents and media in coatings is vital. This module equips students with the knowledge required to understand the essential role these elements play in coatings technology.

203 – Pigments and their Properties
Pigments are the heart of many coatings. This module explores the world of pigments, their properties, and their significant impact on coatings’ colours, durability and performance.

204 – Paint and Ink Manufacture – Rheology
Module 204 delves into the fundamental aspect of rheology, aiding students in understanding the flow and deformation of these materials.

206 – Surface Preparation
Preparing surfaces for coating application is a critical step and this module covers the essential knowledge required for surface preparation, ensuring a strong foundation for successful coatings.

Enrolling in six modules comes with a 10% discount and BCF members can enjoy further reduced rates.

The Benefits Of Online Study In USA With CTI

CTI’s online study in USA provides a flexible, accessible and comprehensive learning experience for US students. Our remote courses allow students to tailor their learning schedule to fit their lives, offering the advantage of studying at their own pace, from any location across the globe.

With an approachable structure, students gain access to comprehensive learning material, including downloadable coursework. Regular online assessments and written tests facilitate continual progress tracking, ensuring a firm grasp of the materials covered in each module.

Furthermore, the support provided by our experienced tutors, personalised web pages to monitor progress and a dedicated dashboard in our study portal are designed to foster an engaging and efficient learning experience for online study in USA.

Studying remotely with CTI not only facilitates learning in a manner best suited to individual schedules but also ensures access to quality learning material and guidance. This approach allows international students to engage in a rich educational experience without geographical constraints.

Start Studying Today!

For international students exploring the diverse field of coatings, CTI’s range of foundation modules coupled with the benefits of online study in USA offers an excellent opportunity to delve into this dynamic industry.

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