5 Key Takeaways From BCF’s Essential Coatings Report

In a groundbreaking report, the British Coatings Federation (BCF) has shed light on the indispensable role coatings play across diverse sectors, contributing a staggering £4 billion annually to the UK economy. Representing over 140 members, the BCF emphasises the crucial need to recognise the ‘enabler’ industries that form the backbone of the British economy.

Let’s take a close look at 5 key highlights from the BCF’s report.

The Lifeline Of Industries

Coatings are the unsung heroes woven into the fabric of our daily lives. With downstream companies relying on them to the tune of £300 billion annually, their role extends far beyond aesthetics. From the towering structures in construction to the sleek finishes on automobiles, the impact is pervasive. The Advanced Manufacturing Plan by the government prioritises sectors like aerospace and green energy, and coatings are the linchpin that empowers these industries to reach their successes.

5 Imperatives For Government Action

  • Regulatory and Policy Clarity: Navigate the complex landscape with clear regulations.
  • Long-term Industrial Strategy: Chart a course for sustained manufacturing growth.
  • Net Zero Transition Support: Assist businesses in aligning with net-zero goals.
  • Skills and Training Prioritisation: Invest in long-term skills development.
  • Post-Brexit Trade Focus: Bolster international trade relations for industry stability.

A Sector Propelling Progress

Beyond the monetary contribution, this sector is a force propelling progress. From the development of solar panels to elevating hygiene standards in hospitals, coatings impact lives across the nation. With 14,000 employed in quality jobs, the sector is not just a contributor to the economy – it is a cornerstone of employment and societal advancement.

4 Key Themes

Coatings are omnipresent, silently ensuring the functionality of daily life. They are not just a layer – they are an essential element that makes products better, safer and more effective.

They contribute to the aesthetic appeal of our surroundings, protecting surfaces and enabling effective communication and self-expression. They enrich and enhance the beauty of the world.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, coatings play a vital role. They prolong the life of goods, protect renewable energy sources and enhance fuel efficiency, contributing significantly to a sustainable future.

This sector is a manufacturing powerhouse. A net exporter, a job generator and an integral contributor to the UK’s economy, the sector’s impact resonates on multiple fronts.

Parliament’s Recognition

The House of Commons reception stands as a testament to the industry’s recognition. Bringing together industry leaders, MPs and peers, the event marks a pivotal moment. It signifies that coatings are catalysts for progress, sustainability and creativity across industries. The recognition in Parliament underscores their vital role in shaping a vibrant and resilient future for the UK.

A Career In Coatings

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