Mastering Careers In Coatings: Science Apprenticeships At CTI

Embarking on a career in coatings doesn’t always require a traditional academic path. At The Coatings Training Institute (CTI), we understand the value of hands-on experience and practical knowledge. That’s why we’ve tailored our science apprenticeships to create pathways for aspiring individuals keen on diving into the fascinating world of coatings. Let’s explore the diverse roles and opportunities available through our Science Manufacturing Technician and Laboratory Technician programmes.

Science Apprenticeships At CTI

CTI collaborates with apprenticeship and training providers to offer dynamic programs that bridge the gap between theory and application. Our commitment to nurturing talent is evident in our partnerships, which facilitate a comprehensive learning experience. These science apprenticeships are not just about acquiring information; they are transformative journeys that empower individuals to become adept professionals.

Science Manufacturing Technician

The first of our science apprenticeships, the Science Manufacturing Technician programme, is a gateway to industries such as paints, coatings, polymers, cement, vaccine production, healthcare products and the food industry. Geared toward both existing team members and new recruits, this programme develops the essential skills and knowledge required for pivotal roles in production systems.

Skills Mastery – Acquire in-depth knowledge of science manufacturing principles, mastering the intricacies of production processes.
Adherence To Standards – Learn to independently and collaboratively manage production processes while ensuring strict adherence to safety protocols and quality standards.
Interpersonal Skills – Develop valuable soft skills such as effective communication, teamwork, independent thinking and time management.
Career Pathways – Progress into senior manufacturing and operator roles, transition into management or consider advancing to a Higher Level Apprenticeship.
Entry Requirements – Grade C/4 in Maths and English is ideal, but not essential.

Delivery and Assessment – Experience the power of blended learning, seamlessly integrating online and in-person training for a well-rounded apprenticeship journey.

Progression – Higher Level Apprenticeship

Career Opportunities:

  • Senior manufacturing and operator roles
  • Team leadership
  • Management
  • Science manufacturing technician
  • Process operator
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Production technician
  • Process technician
  • Quality control technician

Laboratory Technician

Laboratory technicians play a crucial role in various organisations, working at the forefront of technology in laboratories or out in the field. Our Laboratory Technician Programme stands out among other science apprenticeships as it opens doors to diverse sectors, including paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, nuclear energy, biotech, education, construction and the food sector.

Versatile Careers – Explore opportunities in coatings, pharmaceuticals, nuclear energy, biotech, education, construction and more.
Technical Competence – Gain expertise in safety and quality standards, scientific methods, problem-solving and laboratory information management systems.
Risk Assessment – Learn to follow and conduct risk assessments, analyse data sets and understand legal and ethical requirements.
Effective Communication – Develop strong values of teamwork, time management and effective communication with diverse audiences.
Career Progression – Fast-track your career to senior technician and management roles or advance to a Higher Level Apprenticeship.

Delivery and Assessment – Our flexible blended learning approach combines online and in-person training, ensuring apprentices are well-prepared for their End Point Assessment.

Progression – Higher Level Apprenticeship

Career Opportunities:

  • Senior technician
  • Management positions
  • Laboratory technician
  • Field technician
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Environmental technician
  • Materials testing technician
  • Science technician
  • Dental technician

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