Glenn Scott

Technical Assistant – R&D Dept AkzoNobel Marine and Protective Coatings

“The training gives you a belief and a confidence when you are explaining things to others"

Modules Undertaken
  • L2

    202 Media and Solvents

  • L2

    203 Pigments and their Properties

  • L2

    204 Paint and Ink Manufacture - Rheology

  • L2

    205 Evaluation

  • L2

    206 Surface Preparation

  • L5

    201 General Overview of Coatings

Glenn Scott works as a technical assistant for International Paints in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, in the yacht division’s R&D department and, like so many of the people in the coatings industry, was told about the training modules of The Coatings Training Institute by his employer.

“International Paint told all of us who were new that a good way to get promotion was to do The Coatings Training Institute modules,” says Glenn. “I saw that the first six modules were all related to what I was doing, so I felt it was worthwhile to give it a go.”

As it turned out, Glenn was in for a bit of a surprise as he discovered how detailed some of the modules are.

“The first module on the Foundation level was particularly useful as an overview and the Surface Preparation and the Paint and Ink Manufacture were very relevant for me. We make paint from scratch here and then do our own quality control, so all of this was very useful, but when we got on to the Pigments and their Properties module, I was a bit bewildered by all of the chemistry involved. It was very in depth – much more for chemists.”

That said, Glenn ploughed on with the modules, determined to make the best of the opportunity. “It wasn’t the content of the modules I struggled with, you understand,” he points out, “it was its relevance to me.”

The upside, however, was to reveal itself soon after he had completed the level.

“When I started working here, it really was just another job, you know. But now I can talk about the things I do and I understand why I do them. The training gives you a belief and a confidence when you are explaining things to others.”

So, did he enjoy the experience? “Well, I wouldn’t call it fun, but, yes, I can say that I enjoyed a good 80 per cent of it – and, of course, I got my promotion after I had finished the level, it has certainly been beneficial to me.

“I’m not looking into doing any more at the moment, but I can see that the courses can be very useful if my job changes – or if I want to change my job. If I thought it would be advantageous to me, I’d be there, asking to do more. If the next six modules benefit me as much as the first six have, I’d be straight in there.”