Linda Ferrante

Radiation Cure R&D Team Leader

"The CTI Modules have significantly helped me to improve my overall theoretical and practical understanding of Coatings Technology. I am successfully using what I have learned at work."

Modules Undertaken
  • L2

    203 Pigments and their Properties

  • L2

    204 Paint and Ink Manufacture - Rheology

  • L3

    312 Testing – Solvents and Resins

  • L3

    323 The Evaluation of Colour

  • L3

    330 Application – Non-Metallic Substrates

  • L3

    332 The Curing of Coatings

  • L4

    403 Solvents and Additives

  • L4

    408 Acrylics and Aminos *

  • L4

    409 Epoxies and Urethane Resins *

  • L4

    418 Manufacture – Flow

What made you want to study with the Coatings Training Institute? Where were you in your career when you began your studies?

I hold a Bachelor and a Master Degree in Industrial Chemistry.

When I started to prepare my first CTI module, I was working as R&D Chemist at Fujichem Sonneborn and had only few years of experience in the coatings industry. At that time, I had a solid academic chemistry background on coating components (including polymers, pigments, solvents etc.), as well as industrialisation and scale up processes.

I decided to study with the Coatings Training Institute because I wanted to become more knowledgeable on the technical aspects of Coatings Technology, such as formulation, Quality Control, manufacturing and application of coatings. My line manager helped me on selecting the modules from the list to complement my initial knowledge.

The final aim was to further increase my awareness and technical know-how to progress with my self-development and career.

How did you find your experience studying through CTI? What were your main takeaways? What was the level of difficulty for you?

The CTI Modules have significantly helped me to improve my overall theoretical and practical understanding of Coatings Technology. I am successfully using what I have learned at work.

The main takeaway for me was the opportunity to gain some specific Industrial knowledge from the world’s leading distance learning training school for the Coatings Industry.

In addition, I had the flexibility to prepare the modules when possible.

I have found the modules easy to follow and progressively harder according to their level.

I think that the choice of different levels and modules offered can suit the characteristics or aims of any potential students.

How did your studies help you in your career? Where are you now?

I have completed 10 CTI Modules of different levels.

As expected, my studies have helped my self-development, as well as my career.

From the initial R&D Chemist position at Fujichem Sonneborn, I had a first promotion to R&D Senior Chemist. Shortly after, I successfully applied for the vacancy of Radiation Cure Team Leader position in the R&D department. I have been covering this position since 2019.

What did winning BCF’s Student of the Year Award mean to you?

I have studied the CTI Modules with interest and motivation. I did my best to achieve both good marks and positive feedback from my Tutor.It was an honour for me to see that my effort was recognised by the BCF with the Student of the Year Award in 2021.

What would you say to someone looking to study through CTI?

The CTI modules can be useful for anyone who is interested to expand their knowledge on Industrial Coatings.

The wide variety of modules offered can help to strengthen the understanding on all the different aspects of both Coatings and Inks Technology. Individuals can choose to study specific modules according to their interests or needs.

In addition, different levels of difficulty are available, which can suit students with various levels of education.