Melanie Brogden

Research and Development Assistant

"...definitely study through CTI because you can learn and develop your knowledge whilst also having a career that links to what you are studying."

Modules Undertaken
  • L2

    201 General Overview of Coatings

  • L2

    206 Surface Preparation

  • L3

    319 Evaluation of Paints – Physical Properties

  • L3

    320 Evaluation of Paints – Chemical and Environmental Properties

  • L3

    324 Paint Application – Spraying

  • L3

    329 Application – Metallic Substrates

What made you want to study with the Coatings Training Institute? Where were you in your career when you began your studies?

I began studying at the very start of my career as I wanted to develop my knowledge of the coating industry as I did not have any previous coating knowledge or experience before I began my career as a Research and Development Assistant at Belzona Polymerics Ltd, which is a company that specialises in the design and manufacture of repair composite materials and protective coatings.

How did you find your experience studying through CTI? What were your main takeaways? What was the level of difficulty for you?

My experience studying was a positive one as I enjoyed researching information and writing my assignments. I got support from my tutor, mentor, manager and colleagues at work when I needed to ask questions or get some information. This helped me overcome problems when I was unsure of something or if I could not find the information that I was looking for on my own. My main takeaway is that by asking questions and asking for information from the people that are there to support you can really help.

How did your studies help you in your career? Where are you now?

My studies have helped me in my career because I feel that what I have learnt links in to my career. I feel that I have a better understanding and increased knowledge since is studying.

What does being shortlisted for BCF’s Student of the Year Award mean to you?

It means a lot to me – I am delighted to have been shortlisted for the BCF’s Student of the Year Award.

What would you say to someone looking to study through CTI?

I would say to them that they should definitely study through CTI because you can learn and develop your knowledge whilst also having a career that links to what you are studying. This course has helped me with my career as my knowledge on coatings has expanded significantly, therefore, I recommend studying through CTI.