Patrycja Zuchowska

Laboratory Technician

"This is a great place to gain or expand your knowledge about coatings. There is maximum support throughout all your studies."

Modules Undertaken
  • L2

    201 General Overview of Coatings

  • L2

    203 Pigments and their Properties

  • L2

    205 Evaluation

  • L2

    206 Surface Preparation

  • L3

    314 Manufacture – Paint

  • L3

    323 The Evaluation of Colour

What made you want to study with the Coatings Training Institute? Where were you in your career when you began your studies?

The study at the Coatings Training Institute is part of my apprenticeship. The reason I was put on this course was to gain some knowledge about coatings. This is my first job in the coating industry.

How did you find your experience studying through CTI? What were your main takeaways? What was the level of difficulty for you?

CTI got many different courses, so I could pit the ones that I was the most interested in, or the one that was the most relevant to my workplace. The CTI courses are packed with knowledge. The knowledge that you gain then you must put that in practice in the assignment form.

How did your studies help you in your career? Where are you now?

The CTI courses help me to gain knowledge in coatings as I started my apprenticeship at PRA. Now I am finishing my apprenticeship and starting my career as a qualified laboratory technician.

What does being shortlisted for BCF’s Student of the Year Award mean to you?

This is a great honour to be shortlisted for this award. I was not expecting this at all. I was very surprised but grateful.